Vision & strategy

Value proposition

The SFPI-FPIM provides “smart capital solutions”. That is a ‘patient’ contribution or quasi-contribution that takes Into account the financial and non-financial returns, so as to support start-ups and promising ecosystems indirectly through funds, and scale-ups and ecosystem incubators to grow through direct investment. In addition, the SFPI-FPIM leverages its name recognition as the ‘Sovereign Wealth Fund of Belgium’ to enhance the credibility of companies in its portfolio and give them access to a broad national and international network.

With the long-term interests of the Belgian society and economy in mind, the SFPI-FPIM will primarily invest directly in strategic assets through contribution and quasi-contribution. Those assets are companies that fit in the ‘new economy’ and companies of ‘national interest’. The SFPI-FPIM will naturally also act as a competence centre to advise and assist the Belgian government on specific issues.